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For decades, warriors both young an old have laced up their gloves, pulled up their trunks, and gone into battle, for pride, glory and the entertainment of fans worldwide. 

Boxing is a lonely sport. Whether it be a boxers pro debut, or a world title fight, when the crowd clears, and the gloves come off, a fighter only has the man in the mirror. In this journey, many boxers trust others to maintain their finances - a pitfall leading many boxers into financial oblivion. 


Many boxing gyms do what they can to keep kids off the streets, but are not given the necessary funding for their valiant efforts. 

LIBC pride itself on spotlighting and providing aid to local boxing gyms in need of funding, aiding in gym improvements for a better facility for todays youth. Furthermore, LIBC focuses on providing aid for boxers who have fallen on hard times, who gave years of entertainment, but now need a helping hand.


Long Island Boxing Charities: Honoring our Past, Building our Future.


All donations are accepted and greatly appreciated! 

All proceeds will be donated to local boxing gyms for upkeep and equipment upgrades, or to retied professional boxers who have fallen on hard times. 

Want to help the sport you love and be a part of something bigger than yourself? Click here to speak to one of our reps about upcoming events, and how YOU can help!

Honoring our Past, Building our Future.

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